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About Stress-Free Students

High school students often have a host of responsibilities to manage, from schoolwork and homework to extracurricular activities and household chores. When this load starts to become unmanageable for students, they start feeling stressed out. The problem arises when students are unable to cope with these feelings quickly and efficiently, making students feel even more overwhelmed in the classroom. While there are many mindfulness and meditation apps on the market, none are catered specifically towards student experiences. “Stress-Free for Students” is designed to provide accessible stress management resources specifically tailored to students. 

“Stress-Free Students” is a mindfulness product that offers a library of relaxation therapies catered specifically to student needs and experiences. This product was developed by Rujula Vikram during an 8-week social entrepreneurship program. Through the process of engaging with high school students, school counselors, and teachers, "Stress-Free Students" was developed by incorporating constant feedback and suggestions from the target market.


We have already launched content for the music therapy, guided meditations, and motivational content, and we are working with students and mindfulness experts to create even more content. For any questions, suggestions, or feedback, please visit the "Contact" page of this site to get in touch with us.

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